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    The Sound Absorption Panel BetonAcustik in high density cement bonded partigle board (1350 Kg/m³) and with an high compressive strength (9.000,00 KPa), has the peculiarity of having also an excellent noise reduction.Learn more
  • BetonAcustikSound Absorption Panel in beton woodThanks to its structure caracterized by small holes of diameter 12 mm, distants 30 / 32mm is an excellent sound-absorbing material for interior walls, sound barriers (also motorway), public buildings, such as museums, offices, libraries, all places where it is necessary that the acoustic values remain within certain limits.Learn more
  • BetonAcustikSound Absorption Panel with high densityThe BetonAcustik panels are made from sheets in cement bonded particle board perforated to obtain excellent acoustic performances. With their round perforations distributed throughout the panel or only on the sides, the panels BetonAcustik can be combined with each other resulting in harmonious decors and personalized.Learn more
  • BetonWood BetonAcustikBeton wood panels with an high sound absorptionThe suondproofing panel BetonAcustik is also available in Sanded coming from standard panels properly sanded & finished with appropriate machinery to bring the thickness of the panel to lower dimensional tolerances. The panel can also be painted to have a uniform aesthetic ON REQUEST.Learn more
  • BetonWood BetonAcustik Beton Wood panels for Green BuildingThe panel is made with high quality materials, working with the most advanced technologies, undergoes strict process controls, CE marked.Learn more

BetonWood is European leader in production of dry construction systems for green building

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In recent decades, the experience conducted on this product has met the needs of buyers have responded with a wide application of modern building materials.
Thanks to its advantageous features, the product has become one of the most important materials for construction and one of the few truly classified as environmentally sustainable construction material. Obtained from wood fibers of pine, with the addition of hydraulic binders (Portland cement) and harmless chemical additives in mixing with water.

Quality guaranteed

The quality is guaranteed by the major certification institutes of European quality.
Holzforschung Austria, Wien, verifies the strengths of the building boards BetonWood twice a year.
FMPA, Otto-Graf-Insitut-Universitat, Stuttgart sample, checks the fire resistance and quality characteristics.
IBBF, Ingeneurburo + Bio-Bauforschung Karl Heinz Sirtl: their tests confirm that the cement bonded particle boards BetonWood are not harmful to man or the environment system.


The panels have many uses in the building, starting with the floors for prefabricated structures, panels for building bio, panels for platform-frame, panels acoustic and thermal insulation, and the replacement of the fiber board panels with low moisture resistance, in sandwich panels coupled with styrene for the thermal coat, in partitions, walls and doors, furniture prefabricated mezzanines, fire-proof coatings, paneling read, ship fittings and much more.

Certified product

The intrinsic quality, the resistance to the fire, and the suitability for ways of escape of the produced one is guaranteed by the European norm 2003/43/EC norm EN the 13501-2 produced one therefore is certifyd to the fire with new European classes CE in class A2sd1 for walls and ways of escape and Afl2-s1 for the paving.


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BetonWood panels, BetonWool, BetonCork, BetonStyr, BetonStone, BetonRock, BetonRadiant, FiberTherm and other green-material.

For every need the right material.

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