The Products

Sound Absorption Panel BetonAcustik

The BetonAcustik panels are made from sheets in cement-wood perforated to obtain excellent acoustic performances. With their round perforations distributed throughout the panel or only on the sides, the panels BetonAcustik can be combined with each other resulting in harmonious decors and personalized.

Cement bonded particle boards BetonWood

The Produced one is used in Europe until from 1977 beginning from the countries of the east, where it is used like structural panel for houses and Dachas with structure in wood. The Cement bonded particle boards BetonWood given its extraordinary specification from some years is available, coming encounter to the requirements of the final users and finding an immense application between the modern materials of the construction industry to dry.

  • Cement Bonded Particle Board

    The panels in cement-bonded are realized in conglomerate cementizio "Portland" (the only concrete that does not contain Radon) and Wood Fibers of Pine to 100% press. The quality, is guaranteed by the greater institutes of certification of European qualities.

  • Cement bonded particle boards Sanded

    The panels in Cement bonded particle boards can be used as structural in substitution of the panels in wood and to replace in varied material fields like the card board, Eraclit, Celenit, Calcium sulfate, Legnomagnesite, MDF, OSB, Plywood, Truciolare, etc.

  • Cement bonded particle boards Sanded Tongue and Groove

    The panels in Cement bonded particle boards join the favorable characteristics of the concrete with the advantages of thermal insulation, acoustic isolation and machinability of the wood. Superficial advanced and the inferior one is smooth and of color gray cement.


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